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Circular Welding Bellows
Owing to steady development of technology in welding bellows and quality improvement, these days our company is in the trend of taking a step ahead of our customers’ needs by providing the products that customers need with a stable delivery and state-of-the-art technologies through not only basic quality but also cooperation with customers for mutual technologies.
* Please refer to the attached file(PDF) for the mold list.
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Square Welding Bellows
The scope of production depends on customers’ request.

NW (KF) Molded Bellows
The molding bellows are used in various fields such as vacuum, pressure, and fluid transport pipes, and the molding method, shape, material, and thickness of the bone vary depending on the use environment.

In case of vibrating piping, thin materials are used for operation and absorption of vibration as the flexibility and high life of bellows are required, and in case of pressure piping, thick materials are used to increase the capacity of resisting pressure. In addition, in environments where corrosive fluids are used, expensive materials that can withstand corrosion are required.

Braid Molded Bellows
It is the product with improved durability against external breakage or internal pressure by installing an additional braid(net) at ordinary NWs or molded bellows of 1 inch or less.

SUS Seamless Bellows
As the bellows manufactured after drawing a thin plate, tubing it, and molding it, the corrosion resistance and durability have been improved because the existing Bellows' tubing welding process was eliminated.

Bronze Bellows
It causes contraction and expansion according to internal and external pressures, and is widely used in general industrial device and control devices such as air compressor, summer start, pressure switch, pressure gauge, thermal sensor detection, steam control valve, instrumentation control and so on.

Teflon Bellows
It is made by special processing Teflon, a fluororesin. It is used in corrosive gases, strong acids, and chemicals that cannot be used as ordinary metals because it is made of a material that meets the customer's needs and the conditions of use.
Intercompatibility can be maintained as it is manufactured in the same way as a general KF or ISO standard etc.
* The shape and length of Flange are adjustable at the request of the customers.
Vacuum Valve
The valve for vacuum can control gas or flow through open or close operation and adjust to manual or actuator. Applied to a high vacuum field using welding bellows manufactured by our company. It is also used in high vibration and specialized fields by combining loosening-prevention devices
* Flange shape and length can be adjusted according to the customer's request.
Magnetic Seal
The Magnetic Fluid Seal is used when rotational motion is needed within the vacuum Chamber. The magnetic fluid is a colloidal fluid that is mixed with liquid after a special surface treatment of fine particles having a magnetic size of about 10 mm. The application of the properties that do not precipitate on the liquid to the sealing technology is Magnetic fluid seal.

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Copyright ⓒ 2014 4M Electro-Optics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.